Clone Wars


I really enjoyed working on this project because the content was so creative and the people on the design team were insanely talented. It's been an awesome time for me because I'm just blown away with being able to work with artists who are at the top of their game and yet about as humble as you can get.


Copyright @ 2009 Marvel Entertainment

This sketch was based off a sculpt which was amazing. This was just to get warmed up and then I went on to using the studio model sheets and reference materials for the rest of the project. Anyway, it was a way for me to get started thinking about Wolverine before concentrating on the live action reference materials. I was sketching various blue sky versions experimenting with how far to push the blades, muscle structure comparisons from live action to comic art, and also playing around with the costume detailing. The final ideation sketches are still being developed so this is the only one I can share.