Visual Development_01

This is the last piece I did for this animation studio as a full-time designer. The shop had gone through so much turmoil at this point the emotions were raw. Some were deeply saddened for those who were laid off while others jockeyed for positions under the new management. As for me, I would eventually move on to several Disney projects where I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Couple things I took away from all this—integrity is the worth of a man and dedication to your craft is the best business card. Be true to your art. The road may be rocky at times but everything has a way of working out if you have the faith.

Pie Wars

Visual Development_02

These concepts are from Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. This was a very challenging production primarily due to the budget limitations we had to deal with. All in all, however, this production was a time of strong creative energy as I worked with one of my mentors, Michael Spooner. You can see a reflection of him in these images—I'll always be thankful for the time we worked together and the effect it has had on my work ever since. Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki directed this production. Dan Philips managed the studio while Ameake Owens served as producer.

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Corporate Portraits_01

This is a few sketches from a series of commissioned portraits I recently completed for a corporation. It was a great deal of fun capturing the likeness of each person and bringing out the warmth of their personalities—each had their own stories waiting to be told. The final work was framed and displayed in the corporate offices as well as featured on their website as bio images.

One of my favorite sketches is the first one listed here. The inner joy of this man shines through his eyes. He went through a great deal in his life and is a true survivor. The experiences he faced and triumphed over are etched in his face, yet true to his nature, there are no signs of self-sympathy because the valleys he walked through made him who he is today. Most just see him as an extremely successful business man but others look into his eyes and see much more—a father, a husband and a man who breathes deeply every moment life has to offer. It's amazing what a pencil on paper can capture—a life, a moment and even a man's love for life.

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Dr. Ken Taylor_01

This is a sketch of a man who was like Moses to me. I was involved in the CBA market for years and would always have people tell me I would love to meet Dr. Taylor—story upon story built a remarkable reputation. At First, I thought it was too good to be true but when I met him I knew he was the real deal.

I did this portrait a day or two after he passed away and gave it to his family as a gift. They displayed the framed original at his wake—I never saw so many people at a wake before—it was amazing how many souls this man touched and inspired. I realized what true success was that day and it's helped me stay focused through the hills and valleys of this business. Anyway, this portrait is currently on display at Tyndale House Publishers—the company he started in his garage so many years ago.

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Jungle Bio-Dome

I designed this Jungle Bio-Dome location for a film directed by Keith Lango. He is one of those talented guys you just enjoy to work with from start to finish—although I think I gave him a few grey hairs. The top image is the visual development art followed by a quick color concept and rough idea sketches. I would have liked to paint the final background to really get into the color theory but my time ran out so off to another project I went painting Mickey and his friends.

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