Corporate Portraits_01

This is a few sketches from a series of commissioned portraits I recently completed for a corporation. It was a great deal of fun capturing the likeness of each person and bringing out the warmth of their personalities—each had their own stories waiting to be told. The final work was framed and displayed in the corporate offices as well as featured on their website as bio images.

One of my favorite sketches is the first one listed here. The inner joy of this man shines through his eyes. He went through a great deal in his life and is a true survivor. The experiences he faced and triumphed over are etched in his face, yet true to his nature, there are no signs of self-sympathy because the valleys he walked through made him who he is today. Most just see him as an extremely successful business man but others look into his eyes and see much more—a father, a husband and a man who breathes deeply every moment life has to offer. It's amazing what a pencil on paper can capture—a life, a moment and even a man's love for life.

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  1. I really like these. I realize it's not as glamorous as some of your other projects, but I really enjoy the pencil. Bravo.