Dr. Ken Taylor_01

This is a sketch of a man who was like Moses to me. I was involved in the CBA market for years and would always have people tell me I would love to meet Dr. Taylor—story upon story built a remarkable reputation. At First, I thought it was too good to be true but when I met him I knew he was the real deal.

I did this portrait a day or two after he passed away and gave it to his family as a gift. They displayed the framed original at his wake—I never saw so many people at a wake before—it was amazing how many souls this man touched and inspired. I realized what true success was that day and it's helped me stay focused through the hills and valleys of this business. Anyway, this portrait is currently on display at Tyndale House Publishers—the company he started in his garage so many years ago.

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  1. was this done in pencil, or charcoal?

    either way its very beautiful.

  2. Hey, Sushipajamas! Thank you for your kind words. It was done with pencil on vellum paper.

  3. As an employee of Tyndale House, I am amazed at how well this portrait captures the spirit of prayerfulness and "God-confidence" that prevails here. Amazing.