This is the color version of my quick digital marker sketch for my article on running. I used custom brush variants in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The article was mainly on healthy lifestyle choices but also included a detailed progressive breakdown of this concept sketch from the rough to final color.



Just a quick note of congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of the World Congress of Play, especially Richard Gottlieb who continues to be an invaluable resource to the toy industry.
I am amazed at how many extremely talented people make up this industry and the openness in which they share their experience and insights. This has been, and will continue to be a great force of positive momentum to inspire both professionals and students to play hard and dream big.


Ironman II

Copyright © 2009 Marvel Entertainment

It's been a some time since I've shown anything related to my commercial work which is primarily concentrated on design projects pertaining to film and television. It's prohibitive to show much of what I do because of contractual agreements, but these two sketches for the Marvel property Ironman II are generic enough for publication on my blog.

For most of my visual development work I use Prismacolor pencils and blend with my finger on vellum while plucking out details with a kneaded eraser. I try to keep everything simplified and tied together using light and shadow. Everything is usually roughed out in light pencil (sometimes non-photo blue) with multiple tissue overlays and then gradually built upon developing the final tonal sketch. For this project, due to deadlines, I put in just enough detail to get the point across.

Copyright © 2009 Marvel Entertainment

Clone Wars Rough Sketches

Copyright Lucusfilm © 2009

These are some quick pen sketches I roughed out for a design assignment on the animated series CloneWars. This was a fun project for me to work on because we developed the conceptual ideation studies all the way to finished concept art. Many great designers have been involved in creating the StarWars universe so for me to get a chance to play around with such a rich assortment of characters and concepts was awesome. The artists on the team are amazing. I can't show the final sketches because they are in the production pipeline but these three examples give a gyst of the type of work involved in regard to the rough preliminary stage of posing the characters and working out the initial ideas and details.