Visual Development_02

These concepts are from Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. This was a very challenging production primarily due to the budget limitations we had to deal with. All in all, however, this production was a time of strong creative energy as I worked with one of my mentors, Michael Spooner. You can see a reflection of him in these images—I'll always be thankful for the time we worked together and the effect it has had on my work ever since. Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki directed this production. Dan Philips managed the studio while Ameake Owens served as producer.

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  1. Truly amazing! I love the detail, the style, and the way each illustration has a particular focal point through the lighting. You've been blessed with an incredible talent. I never grow tired of seeing your work!

    Keep it up!
    Ron Kaufmann

  2. Wow. These illustrations are beautiful. They demonstrate your absolute mastery of light and form. In each my eye moves effortlessly from focal point to focal point as I enjoy the fun little details that define each unique place. They make me want to "stay."