The Day By Day Bible .01

My new book, The Day By Day Bible, gave me the awesome opportunity to illustrate a children's Bible. This is something I wanted to do for years. The design sensibility was much more simplified from my normal style due to the deadlines involved but the emotional impact was maintained by the broad strokes of color. I created over three hundred digital paintings while also designing animated films—it was rough but everything got done on time.

I can't tell you the thrill I feel having played a small part in developing this book and bringing it to market. It will touch so many lives in the process. The recent agreement with Wal-Mart has not only made this project successful in terms of sales but also in terms of outreach to a very diverse and broad market. The book has just been released yet we are already moving forward on the second printing in order to meet market demands—simply amazing.

Special thanks to: Karyn, Luke, Jackie, Julie, Jan, Talinda and Dr. Ken Taylor who taught me the true nature of success.

We just went into our third printing which is so amazing. I'm really thrilled about the success and outreach of this project. I'm currently art directing and co-illustrating a new series of books which will be launched sometime this year in America and England. I hope it does as well as this.


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