Nile Concept & Final Painting

The first image is a digital concept painting of a location I designed for an animated film. The second image is the finished digital painting I noodled out with various Photoshop brushes. Whoever programed "command z" is a friend to me.

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  1. I'm grateful for all the time that you have spent mentoring me and teaching me. Your ability to share the things that you are passionate about and impart them to younger designers/ artist is a special gift and has blown every paradigm and pre-conceived notion I had about art.

    You inspire me to be better and your passion is infectious.

    Thank you for being willing to invest in me, the pieces on this site, incredible as they are, seem trivial compared to the impact you are making in peoples lives around you.

  2. Beautiful transformation of concept to sketch. I can feel the heat and dryness of the scene come through almost as if I'm standing there. Brilliant!