My dad posed for this painting when was just starting out in the business. This is a Gouache painting (kinda like tempera paint) on illustration board. So, this really is the first in the American Made series. I remember painting the whole thing pretty much with a 001 watercolor brush. That's when I had patience.

George, having internal bleeding, was rushed to the hospital right before Christmas. It was a rough time but at least I had a gifted week off from work to visit him. All I can say is he's a crusty character. He was always the tough guy at the bar so it was strange to see him laying there with an oxogen line strapped to his nose. I can honestly say that even though he's eighty-four years young he's still rabble rousing with the best of them—just a little slower these days.

Confined to a rehabilitation home, he is filling his days regaling the nurses with amazing exploits of his youth when he worked in a coal mine in Pennsylvania, went to fight Hitler in the big war, and other colorful stories for those not faint of heart—most are true—all entertaining. If you're a judgmental Christian this guy will give you volumes for your files. LOL. 

Please pray for Geo as he lives through his latest adventure overcoming his physical condition with daily rehab. Let's believe together that he will have complete healing and restoration and that he will have many more adventures to tell to his grandchildren and wide eyed nurses. Thx.


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