Digital Sketch—Game Environment II

Digital tonal concept sketch for a gaming company depicting a cityscape with forground elements. The emotional beat in this series remains consistant with the nature of the dark world depicted. This idea was painted with no preliminay drawings. My aim was just to capture the raw emotion I felt about the subject and the energy of the man on a mission.

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  1. So I came to your site to see the new stuff and as soon as the page opened on my screen my mouth dropped open in awe. Wow. Wow wow wow. And I haven't even scrolled down yet. Your work is always amazing, but the moodiness of this piece really offers the viewer a sense of place. Just... wow....

  2. These last 2 are very cool, Joe.

  3. Your new paintings are just stunning. Really. I love the look. they have a real confidence level! I wish that you taught classes so that I could learn some more techniques from you, since you are the best I have met.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your talent is truly admired by me, and
    the inspiration is greatly appreciated.


  4. Joe,

    These are awesome. Great lighting. You really capture a great mood in these pieces. Love 'em. You'll have to teach me how to do it someday.

    Way to step it up, bro!


  5. Joe,

    I'm very impressed---not only with what is in your work but what you choose to leave out. Your shapes are strong and the design is solid. Really powerful.

    Tony D.

  6. Very cool style. You have a great gift.

    Robert Camacho

  7. This is the print/commercial design equivalent to rapid prototyping from my perspective. It's "Drawing to Think." Helps people respond. Ironic how the "place" you've created looks so tangible/specific, yet upon further investigation could be construed as loosely as anywhere. Also, I see this as full color until I really spend time with it, THEN I see it's monotone. Interesting. maybe that's just me.

  8. Hey Joe! I'm sorry it's taken me awhile to get a message to you and yours! Your work looks fantastic!
    I'm still trying to figure out all this bog stuff. I cant' get things to work correctly....oh well.
    Talk to you soon!!

  9. I really like your picture. The background is like a mixture of Star Wars and a high tech New York. Your drawings on the computer are just as good as on the canvas. The details are very exact. No matter what other people say, your the best in my book.