My digital painting "Marooned" depicts a space trooper stranded on an alien planet illuminated by the moon behind him. Wreckage of his ship in the background along with distant planets hint to his long journey from home. His mission completed, so it seems, is now behind him as the lone survivor is forced to ponder his fate. The vast expanse of this desert planet is formidable, but nothing compares to facing the dark enemy he has hated for years—himself.

I was inspired by the great artist, Howard Pyle, who painted a pirate stranded on an island. The emotions of isolation and abandonment touched a cord in me and served well to set the tone for this space environment.

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  1. I meant to comment on this earlier Joe, but your coursework schedule reminded me to come back again. I love these. It really helps me to see the stuff you're teaching in class, but also some of the license you take in terms of style. The richness and variety in the tonal areas, combined with the quickly suggested vector looking clouds. It's a cool combination.

  2. You sure to have a moody side. It's wild how you can go from painting kids, cartoons and whatever to something dark and moody like this. You show so much and yet it's all done with indications of color and value. Nice layout too.

  3. One look at this painting tells the story. Nice.

    Tony D.

  4. I want to play this game. Very cool.